3-Day Retreat: The Inner Voice, Part Three

June 22, 2023 - June 25, 2023
All-day event

With Mark Hughes, Founder of The Karma Institute

No cooking, no dishes. It’s On Us!

Learning how to spontaneously drop into a 3-minute, mini-meditation and begin a dialogue with your Higher Self. Having a trusted compass you can turn to.

Based on Mark’s Book, “I am Not a Prophet, Therefore I know: Dispelling the Myth We Have to Be Special to Hear the Inner Voice”.

Morning movement / Mini-Meditations
Afternoon Unplug: Yuba River / Hiking / Exploring
Evening activities / spa / sauna / bonfire / other

$495 – $695 /person for 3 days/3 nights
$795 – $995 /couple for 3 days/3 nights
Thursday evening thru Sunday afternoon
June 22-25, 2023

Limited to 10 individuals.
10% discount when you refer another guest

Mark Hughes founded the Karma Institute in honor of his mother, Karma Jean Cullimore Hughes. He was fortunate to have a mother that asked the right questions to help him to go deeper in his understanding of himself. Mark carries forth that skill in his workshops to assist people get to their truth.

The Inner Voice workshop series