What accommodations are available at Willow Springs?

LODGE MAIN FLOOR: 2 – Queen Bedroom suites I – Full Bed with Trundle with sink only 1 – Sofa bed in living room 2 – private ½ baths 1 – private shower room LODGE UPSTAIRS: 1 – Hobbit room with queen bed 7 – Twin beds Guests must use ½ baths and shower room on Main Floor ADJACENT YOGA BUILDING: 1 – Queen Bedroom suite 1 – Crow’s Nest Full size bed.  Guests must use ½ baths and shower room on Main Floor of lodge CABINS (2): Two fully furnished cabins approximately 300 feet …

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What is your smoking policy?

Due to restrictions by CalFire, smoking is ONLY allowed at the gravel picnic table area in front of the Community Kitchen.  Cigarette butts MUST be placed in the designated container and NOT on the ground, or an additional clean-up fee will be added.  Failure to abide by these local CalFire safety rules may result in the eviction of your entire group and enforced by the local authorities.

Can we have a campfire, and Is firewood available?

Yes, there is a large bon fire pit in the campground. Occasionally CalFire bans outdoor fires due to extreme fire danger, and in that situation fires are not an option. You can bring your own firewood or feel free to gather dead and down wood on the 14 acre grounds.  There is poison oak in the woods so beware.  Bring your own axe and/or small chainsaw if desired.   Fires must attended at all times, and  extinguished with the water when campers retire for the evening.  Some chairs are provided, but it’s recommended to bring …

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Is there a hot tub for us to use?

So sorry – we DO NOT have a hot tub at the Campground. The hot tub at the Lodge is for the exclusive use of the Lodge guests. If your group elects to rent both the Lodge and Campground, we would need to come to an agreement about its use by those staying in the Campground, depending on the number of people in your group.

What is your trash policy?

Campground groups are provided with 5 metal trash cans, and 3 blue plastic recycling cans.  Because odors from food attracts wild animals, all food waste should be placed inside the designated compost buckets and placed inside the kitchen at night.  Trash must be contained within the black plastic garbage bags inside the metal cans with the lids tightly secured.  Please keep any chains on cans in place to prevent animals from tipping cans over.  Empty recycling goes inside the blue plastic recycling bins.  If more trash cans are required, just ask although a $10/can disposal …

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Do we have to worry about wild animals getting into our stuff?

Maybe not worry but you must proactively prevent it. We have had visits from skunks, raccoons, foxes and bear; even mountain lion are around so you must be aware.  The fenced area may help discourage wild animals but you should make precautions by putting food in closed containers and safely put away at night.  Our trash policy was developed because of issues with wild animals (and dogs).

Are there flush toilets and hot showers?

Yes, there are 2 private hot showers, 2 private flush toilets, and 2 community sinks in the bathhouse.  Please bring your own towels, soap, and personal toiletries. Toilet paper is provided.