Are there any restrictions we should know about?

Category: Lodge Questions

Please, no dogs are allowed.

We support life celebrations of all kinds, however, WE DO NOT support wild parties where drugs or alcohol play a major role in the behavior of our guests.  Unless agreed to in advance with a “special event agreement”, “Day Use” guests (those not staying overnight) are not allowed.

Shoes, food, and beverages (water excluded) are not allowed on the second floor of the Lodge and the Yoga Studio.

Due to the sensitivity of the manufactured water feature on the back patio, do not enter or disrupt the water feature. Absolutely, NO CHILDREN in the stream or climbing on the rocks at any time.

With escalating utility costs associated with both heating and air conditioning usage (there are 7 units inside the lodge), help us to keep our rates low by being conscious of their unnecessary use. To help us, we ask that all heating and air conditioning units be turned off when you leave for extended periods of time. Thank you!